Our Approach

AAC pursues excellent quality at every level and guarantees a professional approach from A to Z. When you opt for AAC, you are immediately drawing a trump card.

Getting acquainted

The very first time we meet you, you will already get a good picture of how we work. When we visit you, we log on to our network so that you can follow live how it works in practice. Of course, you can also visit our offices.

Tailor-made quotation

When drawing up an offer, ACC attempts to correctly estimate your specific needs in order to be able to make an accurate price proposal. The result of this analysis must in the first instance demonstrate the feasibility of your project. If there is any doubt in this regard, we will give you an honest answer.

Re-routing your calls

It is almost certainly possible to re-route your incoming phone calls to AAC when you have an internal switchboard activated. If not, you can work with the Comfort Services of Belgacom. In that case you transfer the calls externally to an AAC number that is exclusively available for your project. For the person who is calling, these transfers are inaudible and without time loss. It is possible to re-route several communications simultaneously.


Your script is the most important work tool. The quality of our service stands or falls with the material which you make available. You can rely on our services for the layout of your procedure.


As soon as our service starts, our quality controllers actively follow-up on your project. Naturally, all feedback from your side is welcome.


If so desired, you receive a report by mail or fax at the time of your choosing with all details concerning received and handled calls. Exact times and actions taken are indicated in detail in these reports.


AAC uses a computerised invoicing system so that the chance of mistakes is virtually non-existent. Each incoming and outgoing activity related to your project is registered in detail in a database. As for incoming calls, a price by unit as well as a price per second can be stipulated.